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3 Easy Effective Movements for Posture
I preach posture, posture, posture all of the time. It is so simple, yet overlooked. Poor posture affects us negatively in ways you wouldn’t believe, and in most cases it should be a starting point for your training program. However, most trainers feel as though they are being paid to pull out all the stops and will skip the important things. I know from years of experience posture is one of those things people will not ask to be corrected or even be self-aware enough to ask about, but they need it, for both proper function and long term health.

Posture is one of the few things next to a good diet which I would say, does not matter if you work out or you have never stepped foot into a gym, you need work on good posture. It affects our
mood, the way people see use, amplifies confidence, and serves as a pillar for a healthy spine. Posture does not need be complicated, we just need to be aware of it so let us keep this simple, and direct. Nothing helps you more than being aware of your posture. No matter how strong your postural muscles are, you need to make a conscious effort to stand tall and pull your shoulders back, otherwise you will naturally slouch, and gravity has a way of doing that to us.  With these three easy exercises you can start to develop these core postural muscles anImproving Postured start feeling better about yourself.
Make sure you get yourself a band and refer to our video to get a better idea of what type of band you need as well as a great visual on how to
perform the exercises.
   1.  Start with your arms straight out in front of you with the band in your hands. Pull the band apart keeping your arms straight. Externally rotate              your thumbs at the end of the movement and pull your scapula together.
  2.  Hold the band over your head (your arms above your head in a Y position). Arms locked out.  Pull the band down behind your head to the shoulders. Make sure to drive your shoulders into your lats and pull the shoulder blades together.
  3.  Birddogs: On your hands and knees, lift your left arm and right leg.  Point them in opposing directions like a dog. Make sure you feel the connection from the tip or your fingers, through your arms, through your back, through your hamstrings. If you want to add tension use the band for resistance. (Refer to video for a demonstration).

   * Pro tip: Make sure ears are in line with the middle of your shoulders, shoulders are in line with the hips and hips with the ankles. More or less this will put you into a position where your head isn’t leaning forward and hips are not slouched over which causes neck and back pain

Try our yoga or 360 Strength of TRX/Kettlebell classes for more advanced ways to improve your posture.  Check out our Group Fitness Classes page for full class descriptions and times.