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Spring House, PA


Building From the Inside Out


Strength Comes from Within

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Strength can be seen on the outside, but it STARTS FROM THE INSIDE.  Traditional cardio alone won’t help you develop strength and in fact can actually make your body plateau. Constant High Intensity workouts leave our bodies fatigued and sometimes in pain. Our NEW 360 Strength Class is designed to make you stronger from the inside out…and we don’t mean just working your “core muscles”, we mean building strong minds and strong bodies. As we age our body changes and it becomes more important to build muscle and build strength.



from the core out and not just the BS “work your core muscles”. 



Are you ready for this?

If you’ve always been a hard core cardio fan, this class is definitely for you.  It will solve the problem of plateauing and spinning your wheels with weight loss.  Consistent strength training on a weekly basis can actually assist with weight loss and bone growth PLUS keep you looking and feeling younger (and who doesn’t want to do that).  It will challenge you past the level you think you can achieve while you gain strength, power and muscle…inside and out.

From Day 1 of the program we train you for future success — not just for the hour you are there — in a methodical planned out program that constantly moves you toward your individual goals. 


There are many but here are our top picks

  1. You are never left to figure something out by yourself.  We work together in pairs or 3 people per group. 12 people to a class TOTAL.
  2. You acquire skill sets to be able to create strong programs yourself.
  3. You learn how to use innovative, inexpensive equipment such as resistance bands, chains and other modalities to “gain the edge” and remain injury free.
  4. You will increase ROM and flexibility through the use of weights and mobility exercises — ultimately to help you move better and feel great.
  5. You will learn how to properly move and stretch specifically to the way YOUR body works so you can take better care of yourself.
  6. You will learn how to safely lift during class, keeping your specific goals in mind, which can also be applied to every day movement such as lifting heavy objects from the ground or above your head.

The Investment in YOU

Do you want to be in a stronger, better place than you are today mind, body and soul?  It’s time to invest in YOU, to be a healthier, happier more fit version of YOU, and we are here to help.

The class is based on progression and progress, not short term stints.
3 day per week commitment is best to get the most out of the program but come as often as you want!

The BEST Investment in YOU  is $129/month, unlimited 360 Strength classes Register Now

With the 360 strength class, you get any other adult fitness class included if you need some additional cardio to add to your strength training.  Join us for any of our Boot Camp and kettlebell classes, any day of the week for a “kick butt” workout that is a great addition to your 360 Strength Program.  View our current Boot Camp schedule and class descriptions




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