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Spring House, PA


Building From the Inside Out



Fast Twitch muscles are the largest, most powerful muscle fibers in your body and have the most potential for growth and development.

Fast Twitch Training (FTT) is a full service, cutting-edge fitness training facility that is committed to helping people live a more FIT LIFE by developing healthy habits in a safe, non-intimidating, community based environment.  Our personal touch to the “coaching” approach has one goal in mind — to help you be a healthier, stronger version of you.

What sets FTT apart from large, big corporate, or regional fitness facilities?  Our consistency and innovation. We are consistent with our fitness training style that combines extensive knowledge with innovation. We will never waiver, even in the ever-changing world of “fitness fads”.  We stick with the core elements of fitness and strength, which are the key building blocks to a healthy and happy body, mind and soul.  Our focus is on making you a stronger person — INSIDE AND OUT.

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