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Spring House, PA


Fast Twitch Training offers you an array of group fitness classes including Boot Camp, Strength Training and Sports Specific Training.

Utilizing a highly expert and engaging staff, you can count on FTT to offer you professional personal training, individual and group work outs and counseling on sports performance and lifestyle habits to help you be the fittest you can be.  

We love fitness and we want to help you build a strong foundation and start your journey to getting fit and healthy.  

Our group fitness classes include:

360 Strength – This class will solve the problem of plateauing and spinning your wheels with weight loss.  Consistent strength training on a weekly basis can actually assist with weight loss and bone growth PLUS keep you looking and feeling younger.

360 Metabolic – This class will take the basic premise of the 360 strength class but add some cardio to it. The weights will lighten up a bit with the added cardio. Its still a strength based class overall. 

TRX/Kettlebells – Kettle bell work is almost always taught improperly.  Be sure you will be taught how to be a pro with the kettle bells. This class will have a bit of cardio built in but mainly, this class works on total body strength, balance core stability and conditioning using Suspension Training and Kettlebells to leverage gravity and body weight. This program is ideal for any fitness level and is a great complement to our Boot Camp program. It can also be a great form of strength building.

Boot Camp – Our Boot Camp Classes are unique because we emphasize mobility and stability throughout the workout.  We want you to have a challenging “kick butt” workout while remaining safe and injury free. You will work each muscle group in proper form and equally important is that you will have FUN.


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View our full schedule of classes below and make sure to reserve your spot by clicking the “sign up” button.