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Dynamic Warmup vs. Static Strethcing : What’s the difference you may ask.  Dynamic warmup gets your muscles and joints loose for your workout. Static stretching elongates the muscle, pushing it past the point it wants to go.  But let us take a more in depth look at each and fully answer this question.

Static Stretching

When you hold a stretch for an extended period, then you are performing a static stretch.  That sounds pretty easy right? At the core of it, that is what you are doing.  A little more science behind it, static stretching should be held for at least 1 minute.  The idea of static stretching is to elongate the muscle, so pushing it past the point at which is wants to go is the key (let’s not be crazy and hurt ourselves.  Little increases will do)

Dynamic Warm up


Holding stretches for 1-3 minutes is necessary because you have proprioceptors in your muscle spindles.  These guys know how far you can go without causing a strain in your muscle.  They are Basically little workers doing their job to protect you. So, when you stretch, and you feel that discomfort and tightness, that is the proprioceptors sending a message to your brain that this is the end point. 

It is important that you hold that stretch to allow the muscle to adjust to its new length and for the proprioceptors to calm down.  Once your brain gets the message, and your propioceptors did their job and sent the message, you need to still hold the stretch.  Your body will stop warning you, and start adjusting to the length you are holding your stretch at.  This increase in length takes place because you are telling your body this new length needs to be a safe range of motion. Once this happens permanent lengthening will begin to happen.  This is not a fun or quick process, however it is the one we were all born with.  So hold that stretch, take a deep breath and let physiology do its THANG


Dynamic Warmup

Dynamic stretching is a great way to warm up safely before a workout.  This focuses more on getting your muscles and joints loose for the activity at hand.  The way we do our dynamics stretches at Fast Twitch is to start with slow controlled movements which bring both the lower and upper body through a safe range of motion.  After a handful of exercises we move to a faster, more upbeat tempo movements like high knees, but kicks, bear crawls.  Studies show that doing dynamic warm ups prior to activity can increase power, explosiveness and overall performance as opposed to static stretching.

When focusing on dynamic stretching you want to focus on full body movements, stability and not over stretching any muscle or joint.  By the end of your warm up you should have broken a sweat, increased your blood pressure and warmed your muscles up. 

Although it has been said that you do not need to stretch before an activity as long as you do dynamic warm ups, I do not think there is any harm in it.  I tend to do my dynamic warm ups then stretch after.  I pick 2-3 stretches where I feel tight and give it a quick go.  After my workouts is when I really stretch, hold them longer and focus on greater benefits.


Come enjoy a dynamic warm up and static stretching at one of our classes.  Boxing, TRX, Kettlebell, and 360 Strength will not only warm you up, but give you a good, fun, intense, challenging, and purposeful work out!!  Visit our group fitness page for further details