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Spring House, PA


The Boot Camp Workout…Fast Twitch Training Style

Each Boot Camp class focuses on different muscle groups to give you a hardcore, full body workout each week.  To help you better understand our program we break down the structure for each type of class within a weeks period.  You definitely will not want to miss out on any of them!

Full Body

Here we focus on every muscle in your body from head to toe. Each Full Body class will attend to a particular muscle group and will build up to incorporating each muscle at some point during the workout.

Chest, Back, Shoulders

The focus in this Boot Camp class is on the major muscles of your upper body. The bigger muscle groups in the upper body are significant to posture and general health and dictate how you move. We will teach you how to stabilize your joints while performing these major muscle exercises correctly to help reduce chance of injury.

Butts and Guts

Leg muscles and abdominals are the stars of this Boot Camp class. These muscle groups are important for not only moving our body but also stabilizing it and avoiding injury. Most people who experience lower back pain do so because of weak abdominal muscles, tight glutes/hamstrings or an imbalance of these. Taking extra time to build and balance these muscle groups is important and this class provides a strong center on these components of your body.

Arms and Abs

The focus here is on core strength which is a central issue for many people. Without connecting to and strengthening your core you will have long term difficulty avoiding injury and health issues. Arms are also a focus in this session because they help the major muscle groups become more efficient in their movement and help you to feel better about body image.


The Wildcard sessions are just that – instructors’ choice and a surprise!

Wildcard sessions include Yoga, regular Boot Camp, Kettle Bell, Mobility, FMS screening or any variation of a specific training FTT finds important and useful. Anything goes.

Typical Boot Camp Class Workout Plan:


We start each Boot Camp with stability and mobility exercises to gradually warm up the body and prepare the “core” for the demands of the workout. We want participants to have a working knowledge of how to keep their abs and hips secure even during the warm up. Proper core stability affects every movement during the workout which is why this is where we start.


The “warm up” portion is an exercise circuit in and of itself and will be build intensity to ready your body for the following phases.  Here we will take the knowledge and mobility from the beginning to get the body warmer and ready for the workout. This will include a variety of exercises ranging from sports training to “old school” feats such as jumping jacks. There will be dynamic stretching movements to further loosen up muscles. Your form and core stabilization will be evaluated throughout warm up.

The Boot Camp Workout

FTT utilizes three phases of circuits after warm ups as its staple Boot Camp product.  Each phase will be different and breaks are given after each phase is completed.  Exercises in each phase will vary as will the format of the circuit to keep things fresh.


The Finisher is a great way to end the boot camp on a high note.  This consists of 2-3 varying exercises which are performed over a 3-5 minute time period and are designed to “wipe you out”. The Finisher is intense, strong and meant to fatigue you and push you to the limit.

Cool Down/stretch:

Here we will slow the body down with some light movement patterns and/or stretching. It is essential to cool down and assess your recovery. We will observe your response and allow you to collaborate about your Boot Camp experience with the instructor and other class participants.