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Spring House, PA


Watching my Mom over the last two years has been an eye opening experience.  She is only 75, but because of her devout dedication to others she did not always take care of herself.  She is now in a nursing home unable to take care of basic needs, her body is more like a 95 year old.  Although it makes me very sad I have learned that making time to take care of myself had to make its way to the “to do” list.  

Kathleen Moore

Being home for 18 years and raising three children, I had no excuses not to work-out and eat healthy.  I simply did not make the time. Over the past few years I have not been feeling great because of chronic shoulder pain, back pain,elbow pain and neck pain due to over- use and an attempt to try to do too much too fast in the gym. Deciding to make some changes has been a great decision for me.

My friend Maureen had been working out at Fast Twitch almost four years and I have seen her results, she looks and feels amazing.  I asked her how she did it and she said by having the attentiveness of a personal trainer.   While I was going to a chiropractor for my neck pain he also mentioned Fast Twitch personal training.  Maureen and the chiropractor both recommended Dennis or Tony from Fast Twitch.

When I called Fast Twitch in November I quickly found out that both trainers had no available time but ended up having a great conversation with Tony. Tony was so compassionate when I told him of all my aches and pains and he also told me to give a trainer named Marissa a try. Things happen for a reason, and Marissa and I were a match!

Marissa was smart in her approach to my shoulder and neck pain and encouraged me to continue seeing my Physical Therapist and orthopedic doctor while training with her.  My plan was to have 10 sessions with Marissa and see how it goes.  After the first 10 were complete, I signed up for 20 more.  Although Marissa is half my age, she is mature beyond her years and she is an excellent trainer.  Marissa practices what she preaches and is invested in making you look and feel great. I have seen results in my energy level, my endurance, my strength and yes my dress size.  I am toning my body and my aches and pains are less and less.  I don’t take Advil every day anymore!

I have now completed a total of 23 sessions over 5 months.  Marissa and I meet twice a week and I she encourages me to work-out one or two more times at home.  In February, Marissa guided a group of us through her Reboot Program and I found great success eliminating foods causing inflammation in my body.  I felt great afterwards and have kept off the 5 lbs I lost.  I would recommend doing a month of Reboot a few times a year to get your diet back on track.

Marissa is not only an excellent trainer but she is a wonderful role model for all women.  She has a quiet confidence and easiness about her that makes it a pleasure to be in her company.  She always asks how you are doing and focuses on you during the entire session.  Marissa challenges me and encourages me during our time together.  If I have questions I text her and she always gets back to me right away.  Marissa knows how to train people to get results.   When she sees progress she leaps forward for even bigger challenges.  My head still gets in the way sometimes of what my body can accomplish but having Marissa on my side I am sure to succeed. I am sprinting, jumping on boxes and deadlifting a good weight, did I mention that I am 47?

Fast Twitch is a successful gym because the trainers sincerely care about you.  I have been in the presence of all the trainers at Fast Twitch and have seen and heard their interactions with their clients and I really like what I see.

I encourage anyone thinking about having some personal training sessions to give it a try, you are worth every penny!  Without our health we cannot live our lives to the fullest! I hope you are lucky enough to train with Marissa, you will be in for some big changes!

-Kathleen Moore