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Spring House, PA


I have been a runner for a number of years so when I was looking for a supplemental exercise program, I knew I wanted a workout that would make me stronger and leaner versus just adding to my cardio routine. When 360 was advertised, I knew it would be perfect.  To be successful, I know I personally need consistency, encouragement and an easily accessible schedule.  360 at Fast Twitch gives me all three of these.  Michelle McKay

 360 is not just a workout class, it is a program with well thought out workouts that build on each other during the week and then continue to progress over the following weeks and months.  Through this program, I have gained strength and confidence.  The Fast Twitch trainers have a clear understanding of the necessary core movements as well as accessory movements that build stronger and leaner muscles.  The program is offered four days a week with different times to fit any schedule. I have three kids, a full time job, and I am working towards my PhD as a full time student.  The varying morning, evening and weekend times offered allows me to fit my workouts in when is convenient for my schedule.  The consistency of the program, the encouragement from all the trainers at Fast Twitch and the schedule are helping me become the strong and confident person I want to be.

-Michelle McKay