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Spring House, PA


     I started going to Fast Twitch after I committed to play softball at Emory University. As a future college athlete I needed to improve my strength and agility, and Fast Twitch really helped me do that.  I joined the Varsity program, and started attending sessions three times a week.  During these sessions, I was able to complete their lifting program and also my own college lifting program.  I trained with Rodrick, and with his help I was able to understand the exercises that my college coach required and was able to increase my weights significantly by the end of the summer.  

    I noticed a big improvement in my game.  I was able to throw farther, and hit with more power.  Although lifting was difficult, my sessions at Fast Twitch were a lot of fun.  I made a lot of friends, and we enjoyed our time working out in such an energetic environment.

    I believe that because I went to Fast Twitch, I came into college much more experienced and a lot stronger.  I am now more confident in the weight room and more successful on the field.