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Spring House, PA


I came to Fast Twitch Training shortly after getting ACL surgery. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect, but I enjoyed my time here so much that I continued to train here even after I was fully healed. Not only did Dennis help me come back from surgery, but he also helped me become 10 times stronger and faster than I was before.

Before coming to Fast Twitch I never really knew how to lift, but now I have a whole plan set up for me and have a variety of workouts. There’s not one day that I walk into the gym and know what to expect because the workouts are always changing as I get stronger. The personal attention that all the trainers give you set you up for success. The trainers make the gym a personable environment that is fun to be in and makes you want to work harder. Every Monday and Thursday I get through the school day by looking forward to going to Fast Twitch after school.

-Brigit Coleman