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Mobility, Stability, Strength exercises, what do I do first?  What’s most important?  There is so much information out there so we’ll start from the beginning.  Let’s think back.  The very first day when you came out of the womb, if you were anything like me, you were doing pushups before you came out, right?  Ha! Just kidding. As a baby, I could have taken my leg and put it over my head six ways to Sunday without even blinking an eye.   

After about a year of life, you gained stability.  It first showed up with the ability to stabilize your head on top of your shoulders, then you began to crawl.  Your mobility and stability were then starting to work in tandem.  The last thing you found was strength.   

You finally were able to stand at about one year old.  And when you walked, it was wobbly because you had not mastered it yet.   

Back then, if your mobility and stability failed you, gravity put you on the ground. Then you had to regain the mobility and stability all over again, and then use your strength to stand back up until they all worked together in unison again.   

We lose sight of what’s important 

As we grow into adulthood, we tend to lose sight of how difficult and crucial this process is.  As adults if you are just getting into working out, you will most likely go into a gym and just start lifting as opposed to taking care of your mobility and stability issues first.  This could be what’s causing most of your pains in the first place.   Mobility Stability Strength Exercises

Some of us who have been working out for years tend to be happy with adding more workout volume, days, or weights to your workouts. But then you wonder why you keep getting hurt or are not recovering as well.  We don’t spend near enough time doing mobility and flexibility work to better allow our body to deal with its demands and recovery needs.  

You have your workout plan. You should also have mobility and flexibility exercise days built into your plan.  I would argue that if you take 15 minutes out of each workout and replace it with mobility and flexibility exercises, your actual workout would improve.  Find a trainer who can properly assess your hang-ups by doing an FMS (functional movement systems) assessment, preferably at Fast Twitch Training.  Then you will have your issues identified, and you can build a plan around it.     

Mobility, stability and then strength, in that order. That’s what Mother Nature intended! 


Want to learn how to build strength, improve flexibility and core stability? Try one of our Group Fitness Classes including Yoga, TRX/Kettlebells or 360 Strength.  Visit our Group Fitness Classes page for the full lineup.