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There is a difference between Personal Training (PT) and group classes.  I see too many gyms that do not separate the two.  I think it’s pretty clear that PT should have a higher skill set level and attention to detail for the individual.   

Here’s how we separate PT from group classes at Fast Twitch Training. Motivation-web

Anyone who does PT at Fast Twitch has to go through our evaluation process, first and foremost.  All of our trainers are certified in FMS, functional movement system. We understand that mobility and stability are the building blocks to strength and healthy living, so we administer a test that measures seven basic primal movements.  This gives us direct insight to understanding an individual’s limitation and restriction—which we can then begin to correct.   

A big part of our PT revolves around ironing out poor movement patterns, poor posture, and other bad mechanics life has undoubtedly created. It’s so personal, this is not something that can be accomplished in a group class setting.  Once a person is cleared to do certain movement patterns, then we focus on strength.  We find it very important for everyone, male or female, young or old, to train towards the same goals.  Some people may never reach the same level as another person, but a variation of that level will definitely be obtainable.  For instance, one person may be able to dead lift their body weight using a bar, maybe another is able to do it with a hex bar while maintaining form, while the third person can use lighter weight with a kettle bell.  Everyone is dead lifting and has learned the importance of the hinge pattern, yet how we apply it may be different for each person.  It takes time and one-to-one instruction, and it can be life changing for most people.   

This is the key difference between PT and classes.  Classes alone cannot take higher-level training techniques and apply them safely.  Don’t get me wrong, I still do love group classes! Here’s what I recommend: combine at least one PT session a week with your usual group class schedule.  The people who combine PT with their weekly class schedule tend to succeed most with their goals and overall efficiency when it comes to range of motion, strength, and injury prevention.  For instance, I can take someone who cannot do a dead hang pull-up, and get them to do one to five pull-ups in a personal training session. The next week, that same person in a group class is much more efficient and can perform pull-up circuits without bands and assistance, which makes them stronger in the long run.  Sometimes the ability to get better at one thing like pull-ups relies on incorporating other assistance lifts and/or following a program for that specific movement, which group classes do not tend to offer. 

 The biggest advantage you’ll find here at Fast Twitch: our trainers’ level of education and ability.  I personally was an Athletic Training Coach before owning Fast Twitch Training.  I did rehab for many athletes and non-athletes before and after surgery.  This knowledge base and assessment is weaved into our PT sessions.  If you have an injury, chronic or acute, we can assess it. If it is within our scope, we can help the recovery process.  If you find the right trainer, they should be able to help you with injuries.  I love group classes for many reasons, but I feel that PT still has a crucial place in the industry.  As long as you are willing to put in the work outside of your PT sessions, I find coming in for PT once per week hits the mark, with a multitude of benefits from goal setting to accountability, and a fast track to success.

Our KEY Takeaways for YOU…

  1. PT has many benefits such as working on form, more advanced lifts and specific goals like completing pull ups
  2. I find most people who do at least 1 day a week of PT and add a few days of our H.I.T. classes have the greatest success.

PT keeps you more accountable than Group classes even though Group classes can have more energy due to people, music and pace.  

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