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When Tony Makriniotis and I began Fast Twitch, we had the sole intention of training athletes. Not athletes by today’s standards, because now the term “athlete” is used for adults, too. (Which by the way, is a great thing that I think helps adults build confidence in their abilities!) Back then, athletes were kids in middle school through college.   Fast Twitch Training Sports Training Program

I went to school to be a Certified Athletic Trainer who deals with injured athletes and getting them back on the field, and then I moved into exercise science to better support that knowledge base.  I served as the head ATC at a local high school covering all sports both male and female and watching how these athletes developed and prepared themselves.  From that point in my life, Tony and I decided to start running speed camps for kids.  Fast forward to today: We now own a successful gym that runs a popular speed and strength program. I will be the first to admit that I didn’t know everything at 25, and I surely do not know everything now. But I always have cared immensely for the services and the people. Therefore, educating myself, applying this knowledge, and refining that over the years has always been a way of life for me.  If you trained with me at 25, I would have given you a good service. At 36, I am giving you a much better one with streamlined results due to years of knowledge. 

After all of these years of learning from our clients, refining programs, learning more, and refining again… the training process today at Fast Twitch Training is fairly straightforward.  It will not blow your mind (All the mind-blowing hard work was done from college and through all my experiences up until this point!). Now I can make it look easy, and get the results we need in shorter time without all the extra noise. 

Visit our Sports Training Program page to learn more about our Athlete Training Program and for a FREE skills assessment

Our programs run from Monday through Friday.  Our JV classes are one hour and, within that hour, we work on the basics of running mechanics and drills.  We do not use many bands. If we do, they are so light it’s more to keep the kids’ interest as opposed to creating resistance. There is plenty to teach them as we prepare them for our Varsity classes. We work on speed, agility, and plyometrics, which have become a standard. We also incorporate age-appropriate strength training and conditioning all in one session. We keep it simple but effective for this age and skill level. As they grow in skill sets, we start to grow with them. They thrive in this class and results come fast, because we do not overload them with stuff.  It’s a three-month commitment and, by the end, these kids are confident AND more explosive then they were on day one. 

Our Varsity programs run Monday through Friday and can last two hours if they choose to stay for both hours.  We also do a higher level of speed and agility work using more props, resistance, and other tools that help to train for speed and strength. We only use techniques that work. After their speed session we do an hour of strength training. Our Varsity athletes all have amazing stories. To make sure we are doing the right thing for these kids, we test every two months.  We aim to make sure their numbers are going down in the speed and agility section and moving up in the strength department.  That’s our process.  It simple, it has been developing for years and continues to develop.  

So, what makes Fast Twitch Training’s process a better one for athletes?  It’s the desire to get more out of drills, movements, and making our environment a fun and competitive one. And, more so, it’s the years of experience and betting on ourselves, the years of caring and learning.

To give you an idea what we are all about here is Rodrick McDowell, FTT Sports Training Program Mentor, detailing out what makes our program different.  

Visit our Sports Training Program page to learn more about our Athlete Training Program and for a FREE skills assessment


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