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There is not much that flat out gets me upset in this industry. There are some trends I don’t agree with, but that is okay.  However, for some reason the detox and cleanse industry gets me upset every time.  Maybe because I feel like the people or companies who are selling it are outright irresponsible. Whenever I meet the person who is selling this stuff or recommends it, I always ask:  

“How does it work, and what toxins is it getting rid of? 

I never can get a clear answer. Maybe that’s what bugs me so much. It tells me they don’t know what they are talking about, they are just subscribing to the marketing campaign. These trainers are trusted, they are being paid to be professional. To me when a trainer recommends a detox, he/she automatically loses credibility. They devalue what the rest of us are responsibly preaching.  

Let’s talk about my hangups. 

  1. My biggest hangup is that there is no research, not one credible source that backs up detox.  No one has found that detox diets actually work. I want to make this very clear. There is no credibility that going on a detox diet is actually detoxing anything. To me that is insane. How can someone recommended this or sell it? Either the seller does not care and just wants the money, or the seller has not taken the responsibility to educate him or herself.   2.
  2. Your body is primed to naturally detox or rid itself of the bad things. Your liver, kidneys, skin and other organs all work together to keep your body straight and steady. That is what we are built for. Your job is to eat healthy and keep this process on the up and up. 3.
  3. Detoxing actually is a medical process. Getting rid of toxins. Not the stuff the market has sold us on. If you have alcohol poison or drug overdoes you are toxic and need to be detoxed.  4.
  4. People buy into this stuff no matter how valid my points are… I guess it’s because of two things. One is the placebo effect. Two, today’s marketing makes us feel we NEED to take things in order to be healthy. 
  5. Doing detox programs can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.  Some programs are all shakes and or herb drinks, but they all have you restricting calories and make your body feel run down. You cast off healthy, whole foods for products out of a bag made in a factory somewhere, products you know nothing about. 

This always comes down to the same thing every time. We want to be healthy, but eating healthy can be a huge mountain to climb for some people. The result that you so desperately want does not ever outweigh the lack of motivation to change, so we become very susceptible to these products and promises.   

But I hope you hear me loud and clear: NO THING beats a good solid foundation and healthy eating.  You can ride that wave of health for a lifetime and feel good. You do not have to go overboard like so many people, gyms, and products make us feel like we have to.   

BOTTOM LINE? Don’t detox. 

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