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Spring House, PA


I had no idea how strong I was until I had to climb on top of a lion’s cage to remove the center door. Sounds crazy, but it was part of my daily routine this summer when I volunteered to help care for 25 rescued circus lions in Peru. Imagine doing a dead lift with an overhead press using an 8 foot, rusty, steel door. Then throw in the fact the lions tend to walk under the door as soon as you have it half way up.  I’d tell myself to just take a deep breath and complete the move– it was ridiculously similar to powering through Marissa’s boot camp. My male co-workers would watch me and say ‘Gigi es fuerte!’ Thanks FTT, for helping me help animals and giving me pride in my strength and ability.”

-Gigi Glendinning

(Gigi has been with Fast Twitch Training since we opened here in Spring House, and has has come such a long way with her strength and health. It’s fun to watch a person put in that type of dedication and grow.  When Gigi is not at Fast Twitch her true passion helping animals in need. Check out her website at