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I could make this article super boring and explain in detail what FMS is and what it does.  But you wouldn’t want to read that article.  Instead, I’ll share what functional movement systems (FMS) means to you… If you train here, FMS is a key part of our training system that you might not notice, but I guarantee it is benefiting you in some way.  If you do not train at Fast Twitch yet, this will give you confidence that we know our stuff and are committed to it.   FMS Test

Simply put, FMS is a ranking and screening system that documents movement patterns that are essential to normal function.  

Now why does FMS training rank us above the others?  To be honest, anyone can get certified in FMS.  It costs about $400 online, and they give you 10 chances to pass it.  It’s just a drop in the barrel when you look at the whole picture. However, I feel the assessment is a valuable top-notch tool and has done wonders for us when training a new client, understanding their limitations, and how to attack their program.   

So the question is:  If it’s so easy to obtain, and I value it so much as an assessment tool, why doesn’t every trainer have this certification?   



I have to question why they don’t as well.   

“If you care enough about what you do, I think you can make both big and small efforts to make yourself and the people around you better” – Dennis Angelina

In my mind, it’s a simple step like getting FMS certified that shows the dedication of another trainer or gym.  That’s not to say that if they are not FMS certified they are not dedicated, but these little extra things bring a certain level of standards and consistency.  

Too often, I see trainers boast about the cool piece of equipment they bought, or how INSANE the workout was. Yes, any trainer can write the words burpee, air squat and run one mile, put 50 reps next to it and say the workout was INSANE.  That is not a trainer by my definition.  Although running effective group classes is part of the role, another is educating yourself.  The industry does not have a single high source for good practices or standards; so it is up to us to seek those out and implement them.  

We use the FMS here at FTT.  I will not allow one of my trainers to do personal training without it.  If you are hired here, you cannot train without it.  It is part of our process every time.  It does not matter how long you have been a trainer, you will get this certification. That is a standard I keep. And if the standard changes to another, better form of assessment, then we will upgrade to that.   

You will not find this everywhere, I can assure you. I train at other gyms, I look at their processes and level of commitment. I do not know it all, but I always strive to be better. Requiring FMS is just one way our FTT standards are a notch above.  If you have not ever had the FMS test, I urge you to try it.  It is a quick test and, no matter your skill level, this test will highlight your personal mobility, flexibility and stability weaknesses.   

The bottom line? If you care enough about what you do, I think you can make both big and small efforts to make yourself and the people around you better.  I guess my question for other gyms and other trainers is…   

Why aren’t you doing that?  

Start YOUR Fitness journey right!  Take the first step and get YOUR FMS Screening today   

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