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Spring House, PA


Working out for me was always something I felt like I had to do … until I joined Fast Twitch…. then it became about what I wanted to do! . I started going to boot camp back in February and initially was not 100% sure I would last beyond a month or so. The workouts were much different than my 25-30 minute videos I was doing at home 4-5 days a week and I was not sure I had the commitment and determination to make it work for me.  Until…I started to see results. I started to feel stronger and healthier than I ever felt before. My defining moment was when I flipped the 150 lb tire over all by myself. There was no turning back!

In these past six months I have challenged myself more than I thought possible. I went from going to boot camp two times a week to a consistent four times a week. I realized that in order to maintain this level of dedication, eating healthier and even increasing my caloric intake was key to the overall transformation of my body. For once in my life I am happy with the results I am seeing from my workouts!